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Technology: Wear your medicine

By Tim Bradshaw, Andrew Ward and Richard Waters Walter de Brouwer’s life changed when his son fell 35 feet from a window. Spending anxious months in intensive care, the entrepreneur became all too familiar with the machines that tracked his son’s vital signs. But for 23 hours a day he...
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Announcing Galxyz: STEM focused mobile educational game

Partnering with the New York Academy of Sciences to deliver world-class science content, Galxyz offers kids a chance to hunt for sequenced curiosity particles while fighting epic battles using knowledge gained from the particles. On April 29th, 2014 in New York City, Silicon Valley startup, Galxyz, Inc., announced that it...
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Jelli expands automated ad platform for radio

Programmatic buying is one of Madison Avenue’s hottest trends and today Jelli will formally launch its programmatic ad platform RadioSpot, targeting FM/AM stations.  It uses technology the company says will streamline and automate the buying and airing of radio ads.   By year’s end Jelli executives say they also expect the...
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Jelli Launches ‘Programmatic Direct’ Platform For Radio Stations, Networks

by Tyler Loechner Jelli, a programmatic ad platform for the radio industry, on Thursday formally launched its platform for broadcast advertisers, dubbed RadioSpot. This is where the definition of “programmatic” becomes important. While some associate it with real-time bidding (RTB), “programmatic” is more of an umbrella term for the automation of...
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Tell Me More About Me, Please

By Kevin Maney It’s hard to know why Google just paid $3.2 billion for a pipsqueak of a company called Nest. Some claim Google wanted the design chops of Nest founder Tony Fadell and his Apple-esque team, since, when it comes to hardware, Google has demonstrated an aesthetic sensibility that might be called “1970s Soviet.”...
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