What Young Entrepreneurs Should Know About VCs

This post is also published in the Financial Post. As an investor in various accelerators and incubators in Canada and the U.S., including the Next36, I often meet young or first time entrepreneurs who are raising venture capital with little understanding of how VCs operate. There are a few key points... more.

What HCE Means for Mobile Payments

Pardon the double entendre – but as investors, we always watch closely to see where money is flowing in the payments space.  At the moment this space is facing a large shift towards greater mobilization with the introduction of Host Card Emulation (HCE) allowing credit card numbers and other physical... more.

Taking a VC Bite from the Apple

The Sunday night before WWDC14  proved restless in anticipation. How many of our portfolio companies would be impacted by Apple’s announcements?  What about the deals in our pipeline?  What new economies would be created with Apple’s next move and what existing economies would proliferate in response to their bets?   What subtle... more.

Be kind to your machines

At the recent GROW Conference in Vancouver, I had the pleasure of moderating a discussion on how the “Internet of Things” changes everything with Alex Hawkinson, Founder of SmartThings and Jeff Holove, CEO of Basis. When technology pioneer Kevin Ashton coined the phrase the Internet of Things in 1999, he... more.

Uber Vacation in Paris

My wife and I spent hours scouring Airbnb for the perfect flat in Paris and countless nights speaking with tour guides to help us beat the lines at the Louvre. We had not been to Europe together since trekking thru hostels 24 years ago. With three kids in now 9,... more.
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