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About Us

Relay Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on industries with the potential for growth, fuelled by the rapid adoption of technology. Our team is what makes us, and we take pride in the diversity of professional and academic experiences our team offers. Our offices can be found in Toronto and Calgary, but you can find our wide network of portfolio companies spread all across North America. As a group, we got our start back in 2008, since then we’ve been giving driven founders theirs.

Meet The Team

Our Strategy

At Relay we focus on four verticals that we believe technology will have an outsized impact on. We partner with founders at the Seed and Series A stage and provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of the business.


AI-powered software and hardware systems for autonomy, robotics and mobility that assist humans in every aspect of their lives.


Emerging technologies that impact the real estate value chain and enable new business models to augment how we build, buy, manage and experience our built environment.


Digitally-forward solutions that reimagine the way money flows across insurance, wealth management, enterprise, and consumer banking.


Innovative technology that lives at the intersection of how games are played, distributed and consumed across sports, media, fitness and gaming.

More than Capital

We know it takes more than money to get things moving in the right direction. As early and committed supporters of entrepreneurs, we take a hands-on approach to propel our founders to success. Our vertical specialization enables us to provide industry expertise, ecosystem access and accelerated customer relationships. Let our insights give you foresight and keep you ahead of the curve.

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